Saturday, February 21, 2009

Top Secret Revealed

Buffy is due with my second niece in only 3 weeks. My mom and I had been plotting a surprise party for her. We called it a big sister party because she refused to have a second baby shower. All of her closest friends thought she should have a party though!

I made her a special mommy bracelet months ago and could not show it on my blog for obvious reasons. :)

I did show it off at school and one thing lead to another and I have been creating bracelets all over the place! Some for babies,

some for families,

some with birds,

Or sea life.

Some just a mis-mash of coolness.

I even made a Jim and Jeane bracelet for myself!

So, while my blog has been really quiet lately, I have really been very busy, I just had to keep it to myself. :)


Sandy said...

Love them all. You have been busy. Great work on them all.

Penney said...

These bracelets are very cool! Love them!