Saturday, August 29, 2009

Don't Faint...

I'm finally posting. :)

I am sure as soon as I get used to being back at school (and caught up) and they fix my AC so that I am not sweating all day I will get back on a more consistent blogging schedule. :)

Today was pretty much the first day back to making my own art since school started. My mom brought supplies to make a monochromatic book to my house. Deb, & Ayesha joined us too! We had tons of fun. Deb, Ayesha and I used photos from our Tuesday night dinners to completer our books. It was fun to see how different our books turned out even though we started out with all te same supplies. Here's my book.

I also realized that my APAD journal was on July 19! I REFUSE to be more than one month behind! I have been busy collaging this evening and hope to be into August before Monday. :)


Jamie said...

Loooove that! So beautiful!!!!
Hope your school year is off to a great start! And really hope your ac gets fixed soon! That's no good!!!

miss sumbal said...

Such a great day! We need to have craft days like Saturday more often!