Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I spent the last day of 2009 art Journaling and it was great! Jim had to work a 12 hour day like every last day of the month so I had lots of time to play. I will admitt that I did feel a little guilty like maybe I should start off 2010 with the laundry done and no dishes in the kitchen sink but I got over it quickly. :) I was able to finish 10 pages yesterday!

My goal for today is to do at least 3 pages so I can reach the middle of my journal. I want to be done with my A Prompt a Day Prompts by Saturday so that I can start my new online class A Life Made By Hand- with Kelly Kilmer! You should check it out it is a great deal and you know I think Kelly is the best!

My mom and I went to check out the new Crop Girls location this morning. It is in the same shopping plaza they just moved and have tons more room and their own restroom. :) I was on good behavior but found a few things I just had to have. I'm sure you are shocked! It is worth checking out.

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