Friday, June 18, 2010

Running, Running

I can hardly believe that school had already been out for two weeks, I feel like I have been running the whole time.

Mom and I went on our yearly CA shopping trip with Kelly from Monday until late night Wednesday. We had lots of fun shopping and goofing around and I even experienced my first earthquake!

I had to be to work by 7:00 on Thursday but am now officially done with summer work until late July. (Of course that doesn't mean I won't be spending time reading professional books, planning for next year, and working on documents for the district office. A little secret is that teachers actually work a lot of the summer, just not with kids. LOL!)

Today I had a fun art date with Ayesha, Jessica, and Barb. We were arting with our sewing machines and I proved to myself that I am my mother's daughter and played the role of sewing machine whisperer with Ayesha's machine. :)

I think at one time or another all of our machines gave us grief even mine!

This evening I went to Val's jewelry party and tomorrow I have Jack's Second Annual Weennie Roast (a.k.a. birthday party). Things have been busy and fun here. I hope to get a chance to clean up around my studio tomorrow. I have bags of art supplies sitting about from classes, trips, and art adventures. Creating clean surfaces actually sounds fun!


jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
1. Man, you look tall in that photo!
2. Thanks for being such a good sport and taking me with you. Retail therapy was a blast!
3. It makes my heart sing that you whisper, too!

Karriann Elkins said...

Hey Jeanne! I love this pic of you and your Mom and we were lucky enough to hear about the trip you were taking when I took her class on the 12th. WHat a great vacation-Mom, Friend and SHOPPING! Just wanted to tell you how cool your spread is in the Somerset Gallery. Very professional and the journal is great! Have a great summer.

Connie Lutz said...

I was reading the new Somerset Gallery and I cam across your article. First I thought "that looks like a Kelly technique" - then I realized that we had met a couple of years ago. We also spent the day shopping with Kelly (and your mom). Hope all is well!