Saturday, August 2, 2008

Adventures And Whatnot

First, lets take a moment to celebrate the arrival of the new bingity-bling-bling glasses. I love the way they compliment the nose ring. :)

Things have been busy, busy , busy, but all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy so here are the highlights.

First, I did manage t get a few thing done in my room and as promised here are my classroom people. I love them.

Thursday was Jim's late night at work so Ayesha and I headed out to try Pizza A Metro and ended up Getting custard with Deb as well at Leap's Frozen Custard. It was Christmas in July at Leap's which meant decorations and holiday flavors as well. It was pretty entertaining, especially trying to explain the concept of Christmas in July to "Ayesha. :) See the Christmas Frog below.

Yesterday I had an amazing day working on common assessments with my travailing art teacher from last year as well as my new traveler this year. I'm a total nerd about curriculum and we got so much accomplished it was amazing Plus it's nice to start the year feeling prepared. (I got tons done in the last two day for the before school meeting with teachers but I won't bore you with all the harry details.)

Last night Ayesha and I went to the AZ Science center for Adult's Night Out. On the first Friday of the month the science center hosts a free night for adults to check out the exhibits kid free. It's a really cool idea. We were able to check thing out with no waiting and at a much slower pace than if the museum had been packed with families.

Today is the inchie swap At Frenzy! I can't wait to see all of them!

Finally, in all of this I'm still making time to read. I'm to Eclipse page 260. (For you now Twilighters that means about 1300 pages or so in the last 13 days. Remember I'm not a big fiction reader you NEED to check this series out! Deb took the suggestion mid last week and already has my book 2 :)


rosieposie said...

YAY INCHIES! I will hopefully see you today! And I have a present for you! Whoohoo! Adrienne (my kid) and I went to the "Breaking Dawn" Midnight Book party last night at Barnes n Noble! Fun, fun! TTYS. rosieposie

Kelly Kilmer said...

AHHHHHHHH I LOVE the people!!! Can I be in your class!?!?! OMG! I wish I had an art teacher as cool as you when I was little!!!!!!!!!!! Those kids are *so* lucky!!!

Hey, love the bling bling glasses!!!!

Altered Artists said...


Holy Cow!!!!! I am soooooo reading away, I selfishly forgot to do my drawing for the book, on to that next. I will get a bloggy post going asap about the party last night.
Page 177,

rosieposie said...

Your school room looks great! Love the images!

yes, went to the breaking dawn party. was totally fun! chk out my blog now! posted new images! (and new buttons! heehee)