Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good By Money Pit (AKA VW Beetle)

Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of good times in both of my VW Beetles. Like the time we crammed Morganna into my hard top beetle in her wedding dress.

Or the time, again with Morganna, that we were driving to California with the top down on the convertible Beetle and it suddenly started raining fairly heavy and we had to quickly pull to the side of the highway and put the top up. But mostly what I remember about the Beetles is how I had to take them in to be serviced every 4 months! I can honestly only remember one time in the past 9 years that my car made it past the 4 month point and that was only to 6 months. Yes, really! Why did I buy a second VW with so many problems? It's the difference between being 26 and 32. I bought the second VW because the first ones warranty ran out and the convertibles were released. DUH! But, I wanted a cute car, and I got it.

Sarah said to me at work the other day, "But Jeane what would you drive? I can only see you in a Beetle." It's true, most of my friends have only ever known me to drive a Beetle and truthfully I couldn't imagine driving anything else. That is until I opened Kia's web page and saw the Soul.

You see, Now at 32, I am looking for a dependable car that is unique looking. One that has cup holders and sun visors that really block out the sun. And this way of thinking is really much different than just wanting a cute car. So yesterday, I said goodbye to the Beetle and hello to my new Soul. It didn't hurt that I could get it in olive green either.

I was feeling a little sad about the whole situation and even left the flower in the bud vase as a memorial. But then, as I was showing the car salesman how to work the convertible top and the top ripped off at 5" x 6" part leaving a gaping hole in the car I remembered why the Beetle and I could no longer be friends! Well that and the fact that it's windows had started rolling in the opposite direction of the buttons that I pushed, the car died when I pushed the all windows up button, and the gas pedal pushed itself while driving on the freeway-all this week.

I added more fun stuff to my etsy shop yesterday too! Take a look.


Arizona Harley Dude said...

I like it!!!! I , also, think it says Jeane!!! I hope you have thousands of trouble free miles.

miss sumbal said...

Looks cool. Can't wait for my first ride in it on Saturday! :)

sara crawford said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Buffy said...

The picture doesn't do your new SOUL justice. It's SO much cuter in person!