Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Heart Spray Paint!

I can pretty much guarantee that I was the only person in my neighborhood out spray painting at 5 o'clock this morning. I was working on my Grafitti Chic class projects. I left the canvases I showed earlier at school on Friday when I left in a hurry so I started new ones.

I fell in LOVE with these two books! They both have great stencils ...

And that's where the spray paint come in. I also finally tried out my Preval Spray Guns after owning them for a year! They are so much fun, you can make any color of paint you want spray, and the glass bottle are cute too. I ordered three more this morning!

Here's what my canvases look like now.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Those are sooo awesome!!!! What awesome stencils!!!! I love the canvases you've been doing!!!! What fun!!!!

Thanks for the email! I'll write you back shortly! I'm home!!!! :)