Monday, May 25, 2009

Journal, Journal, Journal

More Journal pages today. :)

I ran to Joann today and found some great new stickers. I usually don't look at the stickers so imagine my surprise when I found so many I could not live without. The best part is that they were all 40% off!

A few posts ago I mentioned that I re-sorted my sticker and rub-on stash boy was that a smart move. I have been having so much fun using them in my journal. The best part is that I made a bag of all the loose stickers and paper bits and have been having fun trying to use them first. I am also shocked how often I am able to use the bits of decorative paper that I grouped all together last weekend. The moral of this story is that organization pays off. :)


Sandy said...

Great pages and love the sticker stash you got. :)

Kelly Kilmer said...

LOVE the pages.
LOVE the stickers.
LOVE the letter to Sakura-lol!!