Friday, May 14, 2010

II Can't Believe How Happy These Make Me...

I saw these cute little tape flag garlands somewhere on the WWW a couple of weeks ago and finally got around to making them today. The first one made me so happy I had to make another one and twisted a couple of my friends arms so they would make one too.

I'm also loving these collaged and sewn pages. I signed my mom and I up for the Wall Calendar Journal Class from Tuscan Rose. This is just the beginning of the fabulousness. My mom and I are getting together tomorrow to work on the class together! I'll show you what we accomplish tomorrow!


donna!ee said...

you are absolutely going to be thrilled with the wall calendar journal class with patty...i'm still reeling from it and the many possibilities!! ;)

Herm said...

The Wall calendar journal class is great and also "Remains of the Day" with Mary Ann Moss at
check it out!!!