Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Summers a Comin"

(And I am excited!) We still have 2 weeks at school for this year which means we are to the challenging time. :) It reached 100 on Friday and the kids know what time it is. I frequently have these conversations with kids that after they are over I think, I never would have imagined I'd ever say that out loud and it somehow makes the conversation even funnier. If you are a mom or a teacher I'm sure you can relate. Here is one from yesterday:

(Photo of Justin Bieber just in case your don't keep up with teen music sensations. LOL!)
Student 1: (In a loud argumentative voice) Justin Bieber's favorite sport is basketball!
Student 2: (In the same type of voice) No it's hockey!
Student 1: Basketball!
Student 2: Hockey!
Me: (In a level tone inquisitive voice) Boys do you really want to fight about this?
Student 1: We are not fighting. We are just talking.
Me: Well, I heard you using loud, unkind voices and it reminded me of fighting that I have heard before. Will you please talk about something else while you are working on your project today.
Student 1: Well can we talk about Lady Gaga then?

How can you not laugh at this?


Jamie said...

P.S. A couple weeks ago, Grayson told me that he "knew that Justin Beaver kid that sings". lol

Jamie said...

haha! Love it! I bet you regularly get an earful!!!