Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ain't Nothin' Like A Gansta' Party!

Today was a busy day! I will go backwards due to the title of this post. I was invited to a Gansta' party this afternoon. It was a costume party of sorts to celebrate summer. (Vacation is FINALLY here!) Ayesha took this picture of my get up just before we left. :) Fun times.

Ayesha, Sara, and I met for jewlery making fun. I was teaching Sara to be her own jewelery designer. :)

Early this morning I worked in my art journal. (I'm sure your shocked!:)

It was an amazing mail day too! I got my order from Amazon. (I love credit card rewards!)

Happy mail from Sandy! How cute is this???

And a Pay it Forward Surprise from Dawn!


Kelly Kilmer said...

Love the gangsta picture!! LOL!!! Your pants need to be past the crack of your ass though and your drawers hanging out for it to be perfect-HA HA HA. ;)

Looks like it was a FUN day!!!!

OOOH new books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the journal page!!

Sara Crawford said...

Ok Jeane I think you look pretty good in these clothes.

Thanks for helping me out today! You are one talented lady.

Jamie said...

What fun!!! Love your gangsta outfit! lol Happy Mail fo sho! ;)
Love it!!!

M said...

Yep, the saggin' and draggin' view from the rear would have been the money shot, lol.
I love the circle, surrounded by circle of dots stamp. Info please!

Sandy said...

Great gangsta photo. How fun. Love your journal pages. I will get back to my journal. I'm too busy. UGH. I love the books and the PIF. So glad the art arrived and your like it. I loved having you during this round of Happy Mail and your last pkg. is going out tomorrow so be on the lookout. :)