Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jewlery Etc.

I woke up this morning itching to work on a few jewelery projects. First, I made a necklace like the one I taught Sara to make a few weeks ago. She found one like it online and wanted her own for obvious reasons and was nice enough to share a feather and flower with me!

Next came the BFF (HA!) rings I had been wanting to make for Ayesha and I. We have been drawn to lots of EXPENSIVE flower rings lately! When I saw these jewlery parts I knew I needed to solve our problem for us!

Of course if Ayesha and I have BFF rings then I need to have one with Deb too! I made these ones using a piece of her favorite scrapbook paper, an oval pendant tray ring and some Gel Du Soleil.

I also framed my own art from Sandy and added it to my cool art wall in the library. I love this wall!


Kelly Kilmer said...

LOVE the new jewelry AND your art wall!!

Buffy said...

M.U.S.T have one of the flower rings and one of the necklaces. Those are so fabulous beyond words, I can't even stand it!!!

Kakes has been asking for you, she looooooves her Auntie J :)

jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
I LOVE those flower rings. Are you going to sell them?

Jamie said...

I missed this post for some reason! I looove that necklace and those flower rings!!! Awesome!!! Are you going to put any of those in your shop? Looove your art wall too! That print Sandy got you is one of my faves!!!

Jeane Frizzell said...


I thought this necklace had your name all over it. :) I haven't decided if I'm going to sell them or not. I can't get very many of the pieces locally for these so I still have to figure that part out. :)