Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Love Vacation!

Jim and I headed to Laughlin yesterday. We have spent about 12 hours playing Pai Gow Poker since noon yesterday, eaten at two good buffets, and had lots of fun! I even did one journal page in the hotel room this morning but forgot that I'd need my camera cord if I wanted to put the picture on my blog so, photos to follow. Oh, I did make Jim take photobooth pictures with me too. He hated every second of it and I loved it!

I also made an inportant discovery in a hotel gift shop. I had been looking for small focal images and was thinking that I would need to shrink some down on the color copier until I noticed a magazine display in Laughlin. I had totally forgoten that they make smaller magazines like Reader's Digest and Prevention. If the magazine is smaller that means the images are smaller too! (DUH!) I snatched two up and now I am in small focal image buisness!

Wish us luck-so far were not doing to badly. :)


Kelly Kilmer said...

Woo hoo! Here's to vacation!!! Have fun! Can't wait to see the photo booth pictures!! Those are FUN!!! Not sure why men don't seem to like them very much. David doesn't like 'em either. lol
Play lots. Win lots. Have fun!!

jane eileen said...

Glad you're having fun.

miss sumbal said...

Did you post this on the itty bitty laptop?