Monday, September 7, 2009

Catching Up!

I have been having lots of fun this weekend (which means I need to get to work today, well at least for a little while). I went exploring for Halloween scented candles at the mall, had dinner with some of the girls for Val's birthday, had hair day with the girls minus Mom who was not feeling well, and then Jim surprised me and took me on a dinner adventure! The restauraunt he wanted to go to was closed on Sundays so we ended up at Carlos O'Brians which is super tasty. Then he took me for ice cream at Mary Coyle and lastly we went to the dog track. I love tracking stats on dogs, (You can add it to my list of "dorky" things) but it was also 50 cent night so boy was ther some people watching to be done!

We did stay up late and I worked in a few journal pages as well! I'm all the way to the 19th of August so I'm catching up. :)

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Kelly Kilmer said...

Love these pages, but you already knew that ;)
So glad you had a fun fun fun birthday and weekend!!!!!!
Hope Mom is feeling better!