Saturday, September 12, 2009

The D-Backs Baby!

Sharyn asked Leticia, Ayesha, and I to go to a D-backs game this week and really we had no idea what was in store for us!

We decided to take the light rail to the game. Aside from being cursed at for miles on the way their by a girls who wanted to borrow our cell phone it was a fun trip. Especially exciting was that my aunt just happened to get on at one of our stops. What are the chances of running in to someone you know on your first light rail ride ever?

We had great seats for the game but we didn't use them for long! You see Sharyn's husband, Rob, works for the Diamondbacks and offered to take us on a tour. After putting us on the big screen & "making Leticia's life" the tour started! (Notice how I am taking a picture of us on the screen.:)

We went up stairs in one of the restricted elevators and first saw the board room.

Next, we went in to the owner's suite because it happened to be empty for this game.

We checked out the room that controlled all of the video for the game.

Then, we checked out the announcer booth which was fun because one minute the announcer was announcing and the next minute he turned around and said, "Hi, nice to meet you" in his Diamondback announcer voice.

Finally, we went into the audio booth where they let us push the buttons to play the music for the players coming to bat and they even let us choose a song to play to "pump up the crowd" We picked the clean version of Boom Boom Pow.

If all of this weren't enough, we got VIP passes to watch the after game fireworks on the field!

On our way off the field we asked a guy to take out picture next to the dugout and he let us go in! it was a messy disaster but a fun messy disaster!

Leticia, Ayesha , and I were all super excited. I kept telling Leticia, "Jim would tel us to play it like we have been her before" just to get our excitement level a little in check. Sharyn had really seen it before and had to be calm because she was at her husband's work but laughed with us and had a fun time too! I have already had phone calls this morning and we agree that we can't believe the night we had last night!


Kelly Kilmer said...

You guys are all too cute!!!!!!!!!
How FUN is that!?!? I'm glad things went well and you had a BLAST!!! WOW!!!!!
I LOVE the pictures!!!!! LOL!! Those are awesome!

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