Sunday, September 20, 2009

Product Reccomendations

I have been looking for a way to organize my cling stamps for a while now.

Months ago I oredered what looked like a great organizational system from an online company who never mailed it to me and would not answer my emails! After issuing a complaint with Paypal (who sided with me but could not recover my $70 because the seller had withdrawn my money from their Paypal account.) and then with my credit card company I was finally credited the whole payment this week but I digress....

Last Saturday at about 7 I hopped in the car and drove to Mesa because I thought Scrapbooks Etc. had what I was looking for and I needed it right that second. ;) I found a great solution to my problem! First I found a craft binder by Cropper Hopper. ( I am not mad that it is on sale at Joanne this weekend because like I said I needed it Saturday night and you have to consider shipping too.) Now the binder would not have been spectacular on its own but add in stamp storage pages and now we are talking!

I love that the pages all snap shut. This avoids one stamp falling out and having to chase the dog to get the stamp back. (From experience!) You can see through everything so it is easy to see all of the stamps. And my favorite part is that all of the alphabet stamps look right side up througthe case making them easy to find. It was a little hard for me to through out all of the original packaging but well worth it in the end. I love my newly organized stamps! They are much easier to get to than this!

I'd also like to recommend the amazing Pod Warmer from Gold Canyon Candel (Mom this misspelling is just for you!). This is an amazing little treasure! You put a small pod (dish of amazing smelling wax) on the pod warmer set the timer and let your house smell as amazing as a Gold Canyon candle without the flame! The best part is that the pods are only about $6, now you have to buy the warmer but the pod lasts as long as a candle so very quickly the cost is taken care of.

And while I am going on about Gold Canyon I also bought a Sugar Cookie Scent Diffuser for my classroom and I LOVE it! My classroom is huge and I can smell it as soon as I walk in the door even though it is a kid friendly location at the back of the room! ( If you decide you need to order these items I can hook you up with one of Jim's friends who sells them. I didn't go to a party I was able to get in trouble just looking at the catalogue. HA!)


jessica en fuego said...

wow. i love that clear stamp organizer!

Kelly Kilmer said...

The stamp organizer is WICKED cool.

I am also very very tempted with the candle stuff...VERY!