Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mini Sharpie Holder For Cricut!

So while I was goofing around on the Internet I found a lady, Amy Chomas, who designed (or had her husband design anyway) a pen holder to fit into the Cricut! She sells pen holder for mini Sharpies, micro mini Sharpies, and mini gel pens. It was hard to decide which one to try first but I thought the mini Sharpie would give me a better graffiti look. I am so happy with this pen holder! It came to me super fast and is fun to use! (It is the silver thing in the photo.)

When it arrived I went out looking for mini Sharpies and ran into the best deal on the planet! Office Max had a deal this week where you could buy $5 worth of Sharpie products and get every single color of mini Sharpie available for free! That's $16 worth of mini Sharpies!

What will I do with this great find? Check out these fun experiments!!


Kelly Kilmer said...

damn it. you always do cool stuff and leave me wanting something that i didn't want before!!! LOL!!!!

jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
I wasn't sure I needed a Cricut before. This might change my mind.

Sandy said...

very cool. Do you use this with the first Cricut or the second one?

Jeane Frizzell said...

I use it in the Expression but I think it would work in either one because the blade housings are interchangeable. :)

Amy Chomas said...

Too funny! I was searching for deals on the mini Sharpies tonight and found your blog, however the link to me doesn't work! lol It is Amy Chomas! Would you mind fixing it in case anyone else wants to find me? Glad you like them!!! You should see the details you can get with the mini gel pens! WOW!!
Thanks! Amy