Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vote Please!

Please help solve a little Frizzell family debate! Arm warmers cool or not? Please leave your vote in the comment section. Thanks! I need a little help from my creative friends on this one!


Joyce said...


Kelly Kilmer said...

Fingerless arm warmers? I might kill for a pair right now. Hell, I would even wear LEG warmers as it's so damn cold here now. With the wind chill factor, it is ZERO here. brrr.

Sandy said...

I've never worn them or needed a pair until this year. I made my own, I had a cheap pair of gloves I paid $2 for, snipped the ends off the fingers and there you go, they're not gorgeous and they're not the real fingerless knitted expensive kind like you find online or make but I was in need of warmth for my hands. They were hurting and wouldn't warm up so I vote yes.

Arizona Harley Dude said...

I'm going to side with Jim. NOT!!!

At least I hope Jim is the one who doesn't think they are cool.

jane eileen said...

As with anything (such as a dress for example) It depends what they look like, who the person is and how they wear them, so on Jeane? Of course they would be cool. Tell the boy he didn't marry no ninny! Please.
Who could say no to these? They are SO Jeane. And etsy has lots more. Cool and not not so cool.