Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome December!

With the tree all decorated in black and white it was the perfect time for an art party!

With an extra day off school Ayesha and I decided to put up the tree on Wednesday. I will admit it was a little weird to have the tree up, be celebrating Thanksgiving, and finishing a Halloween journal all at the same time but now it all seems just fine!

I love these new ornaments that I found 70% off on Black Friday! I'm not sure how they got the snowflake to hang in the center but I love them!

Jessica, Barb, Kara, Deb, and Ayesha joined me to make Star Books on Sunday. It was so much fun and we loved the way our books all turned out! I love working with other crafty people. Everyone can work at their own pace and know exactly what to do!


Jamie said...

How fun!!!! I got to open my #1 envelope today!!!! That made me very excited to find two cutie little tags inside! Thanks so much!!!

Lisa said...

I want to make a star book : )

Kelly Kilmer said...

I absolutely LOVE it!!!