Saturday, April 3, 2010

Revised and Remixed

First, revised. I thought the bird page was done yesterday morning but when I saw it yesterday evening it was asking for some tape. :) I still think I will write a big word on it - probably with glitter stickers- but thought I'd show the revision.

Now , remixed! I got a chance to play with the Braille birds last night. When I was adding them to the page they were SO WHITE! I decided to paint them with walnut ink and blot it off very quickly. They were cool but not cool enough so I colored their edges with a light green Stabilo Woody and smooshed it in with my finger. Again, cool but not cool enough. This part is my favorite....I colored the raised dots on the Braille and smooshed that around too! So fun and then they were perfect for my page! (Did you notice that I used the Luca stencil and an Itty Bittie too?)

Come and check out the birds!


Liz said...

Hi Happy Mailier!

I'm so excited to get to you know you more throughout this month. Your art-journaling is super inspiring. I have been anxiously awaiting starting a new journal and after scrolling through your blog, I just can't wait to get started. Do you tend to pick a theme for the entire journal or just whatever inspires you at the time? I'm so excited to get started--and the nice weather this week is definitely pushing me toward the art store! :)

Sharyn said...

Love the birds...and all the smooshing.