Sunday, December 9, 2007

Baby Kakes and the Wii (and other random facts)

Today Ayesha, Buffy, Deb, Baby Kakes and I all went to the Indian buffet for lunch. Yum! Afterwards Deb went off to buy art supplies (I am so proud!) and the rest of us went off to play the Wii. Why does Kakes have such a big smile? Because Wii bowling with Mommy is so much fun of course!

Okay, are they just kidding me with this? These microscopic brownies are only 100 callories-WOWIE. You would expect a 1 3/4 "x 1 3/4", 1/4" brownie to be under 100 calories (Yes, I really measured it.) double frosting or not. I actually had hope that they would look like the brownie on the package- silly me.

Click this link to see me mentioned on the Journal Revolution blog yesterday 12-8. Wow what a great surprise when I looked at their blog today. I had no idea.


feistyelizabeth said...

UGH. I hope people are so busy looking at my gorgeous kid that they forget to look at the rolls of fat on my back. We can't crop that picture down or something? Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Jeane!! :)

feistyelizabeth said...

And also... I love that you are so famous now that others people are mentionin you in THEIR blogs. You are an art GODDESS JeaNe!