Saturday, December 22, 2007

What To blog, What To Blog

Blogging these days is tricky because their are so many secrets. Ayesha and I went to Ikea today, but I can't tell what I bought because some of it is a surprises. I also made a really cool little gift but I can't show a picture yet because it is also a surprise. I can't tell you which book I am reading either again, because It could give away a gift. The upside is that their will be so much to show and tell after Christmas.
I can show you this fun star that I finally finished tonight. Ayesha and I each bought one about a month ago. It took me forever to do mine because once I painted the edges my decorative paper would not stick using a tape runner. I went on strike with the project because I did not want to use Mod Podge when it hit me I could just use gel medium like I do on my journal pages. Anyway I am not sure why this star makes me so happy, it just does.
I should also mention that Deb, Ayesha and I went to the Bentley Projects and the Citybakery on Friday to celebrate Christmas/Winter break. We usually try to eat at non-chain restaurants because they are fun to try and because we love an adventure. I was especially excited to take the girls to this spot because the restaurant is only open M-F 11-3 and we were out on a half day. The gallery was fun lunch was great and I got tons of cool surprises. Deb bought me a book called Bead and Wire Art Jewelry that is very inspiring, a few glitter Gelly Roll pens in pirate colors, black and white Making Memories self adhesive fabric tape and Endless Summer tape from Heidi Swapp. Ayesha got me a very cool paint rack (I will show it off when it's loaded) and some very cool and grungy self adhesive chip board letters. It was a very good day.

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feistyelizabeth said...

I want to know your secrets!! Also, if you truly loved me, you would boycott that stupid bakery since they're the folks that screwed me out of having my wedding at the Bently Projects like I wanted. I'm not bitter though... Back to being serious, can we talk about the boycott??