Friday, December 28, 2007

The Beginning of The Insperation Line

Today I took these cute little clips from Ikea and turned them into a display for inspirational items. I seem to always have these little inspirational bits around with no where to put them but not now, oh no! The best part is that I used only two $.99 cent kits how cool is that?

I also bound the pages from my last chunky book swap today. The theme was a few of my favorite things. Chunky books are so cool once you get them put together that they make you want to do another and another.


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First of all, let me say....I have been in here for 45min and I was just going to have a the link from your mom on BookArtz. This blog is just WAY too much fun! I love the use of the inspiration line! I have a lot of blank wall space and have been thumbtacking everything on the the line idea! (I'll be back when hubby goes on night!!! LOL)