Sunday, December 2, 2007

Three Things

We got a Nintendo Wii, we got a Wii! Now I know that I mentioned that I wanted one a few weeks ago on my blog but in reality I was trying to play it cool, I did not tell you that I had called numerous Game Stop locations inquiring about delivery times and what not. I did tell you I even stopped in the Game Stop next to my Weight Watchers meeting this week just in case. I did not post that the manager at my local Walmart gave Jim a tip that 31 systems were to be arriving any day and that he told us to call each morning and I did just that when I woke up at five this morning. And, I am not even sure how often Jim was checking online, or to how many places to try to find this game system. Really, the chase was beginning to become part of our entertainment. Anyway, to our surprise this morning we noticed at about 7:45 that the Bust Buy ad had a guarantee that at least 18 Wii systems would be at each Best Buy store when they opened today at 10 a.m. I flew into action..let's make a plan...there will be a line already..two stores or one...we've got to get in the shower now. Jim, laughed but decided two stores and agreed to get in the shower but would stop for a Coke before going to his assigned location.
It felt like we took forever to get ready. We left and agreed to communicate via cell phone. As I approached the intersection of 83rd and Bell I could tell the line was already huge. I pulled into the parking lot and called least 50 people in line...stay or go.. We decide I should check for a line at Circuit City whose add mentioned that they would have limited quantities as well. I got their to see guy just posting a sign that said they were temporarily sold out of Wii. I called Jim again only 3 people in Wii..what should I do...try another location go home... Jim who was much calmer than I was said no go to one more store. I was on my way as the conversation continued. Jim told me he was about number 50 in his line but was staying put and he would call with more info later. This proved to be an important decision. Although Jim was 5 people short of getting a system, the people in line said that the Arrowhead, my first location, was rumored to have at least 100 systems. Jim called immediately and told me to go back to the first store and stay put. Just as I was getting in line for the second time and feeling discouraged by the 30 new people in line in front of my original spot Jim called again, "Some people heard they even have 200 systems, just don't leave that line." This story was getting to good to be true it was only 8:45 and I was hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Actually, I was planning out my trip to Michael's and Joann while I waited. Skip 45 minutes and lots of people watching and a guy from the store walks out and starts counting people. A guy says, "How many you got?" and the Best Buy guy just holds a finger to say one minute and keeps counting, I am feeling pretty good because he's walked way past us and keeps counting. He gets to the end and yells out, "I've got good news for you, it looks like I have enough for everyone in line right now." We all let out a scream and suddenly everyone became a little more friendly. I call Jim give the good news, he tells everyone behind him in his line, they run to their cars, Jim drives calmly to meet me. By the time Jim got to me I was already holding the ticket that allows you the right to purchase a Wii and singing, "I've got the golden ticket." It was all very exciting. Needless to say I am sore from all of the Wii sports for today.
I did make time to meet Baby Kakes for lunch today. The pictures say it all. How can one little girl (or her mother) have such good fashion taste? Don't forget to look closely at those shoes!
Having a blog is crazy! Linda Woods Googled her book, saw it on my blog, and left a comment too. This is crazy...I love it! What a great way to share art and random thoughts with the world!

*Just for the record Jim did not want to take my picture with the Wii paper in front of Best Buy but I made him. Do yo like my Exploding Dog super hero shirt?

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little miss ayesha said...

I love your shirt! Can't believe I missed its first wear!