Saturday, May 10, 2008

Books & Baby Showers

Several months ago I mentioned that I had made a surprise for Kakes but I was waiting until her birthday to post picture. I finally remembered about it today. I made a little photo book designed in a cupcake theme to match her birthday party.

It was the book that I made for my friend Amber's baby shower that jogged my memory.

In addition to the book Ayesha, Deb, & I created a diaper cake for the shower since the one for Kelly turned out way too cute!

I think that these little books will be the last ones for a long time. I have been anxious to catch up on all of my swap commitments and other projects so that I will feel like I have time to work in my art journal more often. I am excited because summer is coming and that will allow me a little more time to work on my own art.

I did manage to get to one entry in my journal at school with the after school art journal club and one more at home. I also had the chance to color copy some of my artwork and I chose to attach it to the cover of my new journal that I made with Kelly Kilmer last weekend.


miss sumbal said...

Diaper cakes rock! And so do you, for being so thoughtful and making these books for people!

Kake's Mommy said...

The Kakes book is the cutest EVER!!