Saturday, May 24, 2008

Number Chunky Book Covers

I have been working SLOWLY on the covers for the numbers chunky book swap at Frenzy Stamper. I decide to show the steps on my blog as I do them because A) It will be fun, B) The process is hard to imagine if I just explain it, C) I think you'll be wondering what I was thinking at the beginning and be surprised in the end, and D) It will keep me motivate to keep on this project.

First, I cut chipboard into 4 x 6 rectangles. Second, I covered the backs with glue dots and the fronts with "NO. 6". Each cover will have the number of the participant on it.

Then I let the glue dry. Drawing with glue is very unpredictable. It flows to suit itself. This is good in a self leveling way and also in a I'm going for grunge kind of way.

I know, I know, you are wondering where I'm going with this. It's coming soon!

As a side note...
I have learned I LOVE playing Word Dojo on the little video screens at Santisi Brother's thanks to Ayesha. If you find yourself hanging out in Bar type atmosphere look for a video screen and try it out! It is super cheep (only $.25 a game), super fun, and it makes your brain grow!

The movie Untraceable is amazing! If you like movies full of suspense this is for you! I could not sit back against the couch and my body was clenched the whole time. Untraceable is rated R for a reason! Way too violent for kids! I mad Jim turn the lights on in the bedroom after it was over before I went in.
(Do these side notes make it obvious I am a teacher or what?)

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tbaggervance said...

As the person who introduced me to Word Dojo noted 'Its like crack for smart people.' Enjoy being an addict.