Friday, May 2, 2008

This Weeks Swaps

This week I got two swaps back. The first one was the color wheel swap. It was an interesting swap. Working on a circular page definately proved to be a challenge. My favorite part of this swap was the dizzy circular writing that was on the front inside, and back cover.

The second swap was an alphabet swap that started several month ago. This swap is probably my favorite book as a whole. The artwork is amazing! A few of my favorites are below in alphabetical order of course. Naturally, I LOVE the cover! Do you recognize the artist?*

Speaking of Kelly, she's here! Today I am off to play all day and tomorrow too at Frenzy Stamper! (I'm sure it's not to late to join a class or two!) I am so excited.

*The artist is Kelly, just in case you were still unsure.

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