Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kelly Weekend Update & The Tissue Paper Discovery

Classes at Frenzy with Kelly were sensational as always! (How's that for a Google alert!) I created two fabulous hard bound journals, learned two new binding techniques, and got tons of new collage ideas and inspiration.

I also learned fun ways to add texture and interest to pages in my monoprint class. I turned all of these great prints into the two tiny books. They are filled with stamped images and just begging to be collaged on! Finally I learned even more collage ideas in the class called Going Postal where we made collaged post cards. I think I will color copy my post cards before mailing them to use as book covers of collage papers because I love them!

I also discovered a great way to adhere tissue paper into collages. When I used tissue paper before it would become so delicate after the glue was put on that it was uncooperative. Oh no, not now! First, lay your piece of tissue paper on a piece of waxed paper.

Second, apply gel medium as usual. (Before my tissue paper always stuck to the waxed paper and it was difficult to get it off without ripping or wrinkling.)

Next, turn the waxed paper over in the air. You should be able to see through the waxed paper to position the tissue paper in the right spot on your project. Put the paper down and burnish the papers with your hand.

Finally, remove the waxed paper! Voila! Now you can trim the tissue paper if necessary.

Here's the loot from this weekend:

Happy VooDoo Gris Gris, Invoke unmounted rubberstamp sets, new CoffeeBreak Design stencils and clear house charms, metalic stickers from Magenta and papers from Artchicks, rub-ons from Hambly and Rusty Pickle, a Basic Grey Rub-on roler, and how could I forget a fortune telling fish! I can't even tell you what all else I have on order. This is why the store is called FRENZY! Go see Debby, she'll take good care of you!


Anonymous said...

Somebody's mom would like to say:
Rule 4: Some things don't have to be spread throughout all places represented by little red dots on this blog, do they?
You know the last ten letters.

Kelly Kilmer said...



The tissue paper technique is just *the* coolest thing E V E R! You are da bomb baby!

It was GREAT to see you!! We did miss you on Sunday (but glad to see you had fun with Kakes and her Posse)!
Love love love your art!!!!