Monday, September 29, 2008

AAEA Conferences Rock!

I had such a great time this weekend at the Arizona Art Education Association Conference. We stayed in cabins that had one common room and four bedrooms. This was great because it meant that all of the art teachers form Cartwright got to stay in one cabin giving us lots of time to visit and collaborate.

I LOVED my pinhole photography class! I'll be experimenting more with this idea for sure. I found out that one of the teachers in my district had done this type of photography with her kids and we are going to meet up to talk more about it! She is also an expert on glass fusing and she's going to teach me to set my electric kiln at school so I can do this with my kids!!! (My glass fusing class was just okay. I'll be really excited when my piece arrives after it goes through the kiln but I didn't really learn anything new.)

I also had tons of fun in my mobile class. I learned the magical thing to make mobiles really great is swivels. Most people were doing things from nature, I was making a spooky mobile. This is not a great picture but it shows how one of the other art teachers hung it in our cabin window-how cute is that?

I had tons of fun teaching my class. It was a smaller group which ended up being great because we had room to spread out all of our beautiful papers. Everyone really enjoyed teh class, they even clapped at the end giving me a big head. The best part though was that one of the ladies in my class got on the bus to go to dinner (didn't see me) handed one of my handouts to her friend and said, "It really is to die for , wait untill you see." She was so loud the bus topped to listen. Talk about a great compliment! :)

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