Saturday, September 13, 2008

My ATC Group is going To Think I Lost My Mind!

If you know me in real life or you read my blog on any sort of regular basis eccentric may be a word that you'd use when describing me. While that is true, I am hoping that I haven't gone too far this time. :)

Our ATC theme for this month is texture. I'd been thinking of ideas with none of them really wowing me until Kelly introduced me to a rather large spider in the copy room on Friday. I felt a little bit guilty after trying to smash the spider in the morning (While he laughed and ran farther into the hole he lived in) and reporting him to the custodian to be exterminated at lunch time. (I'm sure he was still there Kelly had seen him in the same space before and he was mammoth, not the time to scury around unnoticed.)

Anyway, I kept thinking about him and thought, spiders have great texture. Now I came home and tried to create a normal ATC, really I did. Step one: alternate visual and tactile textures- not interesting enough. Step two: cut up the ATC and glue it down in a different order-not interesting enough. The spider was still calling to me. I bought a pack of spiders at Walmart with my groceries but something was still missing then it hit me. I had a package of raven feather garland! That was it! Just a bit of feather garland and a spider Voila! It screames texture, is rather excentric, and I'm sure it wil confuse the hell out of my ATC group.

Also, afew picture of my book from last weekends class.

I haven't given you an update on the Twilight serries in a very long time. I am still working on the 4th book Breaking Dawn about page 550. Having to go to work really slows art and reading time down.:)


Kelly Kilmer said...


And no, I'm not "stalking". I'm using the new blogger "followers" feature and I just happened to check it and YOUR blog was just updated. LOL


Altered Artists said...

I glittered a whole mess of those spiders a few days ago! I love the texture ATC, the theme is to get you going outside the box, right?
Well, I think you have acomplished that goal for sure!
the phantom swapper