Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Night Already?

I swear not ten minutes ago it was 10 a.m. where does all the time go? I still feel so busy with school it is crazy but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will still get easier, it has to right?

After this weekend I can say...

I am 90% ready for my presentation at the Arizona Art Education Association Conference next weekend!

I am officially done reading the Twilight Series.

I have finished adding photos to the three little books that I made for Buffy and Amber.

I have eaten at Pizzeria Bianco.
Ayesha and Tyler waited in line an hour before the restauraunt opened to put our names in and about an hour while we all got ready and drove downtown so that the rest of us could show up and wait about 20 minutes! The pizza was AMAZING! Definately the best pizza I have ever eaten. Worth the wait? Can you ever really say that it's worth waiting 2 1/2 hours to eat somewhere? I still can't decide. If you want to try it out I'd say go at an off time or late and reduce your wait time definatley worth trying out. (See Jim's approval. We took all the other photos on Ayesha's camera.)

I've seen Ayesha's new place.

I was hit on by a drunk guy while my husband was physically touching me. (Yes, realy.)
This guy was petting my arm until my husbands friend, Rob, gave him the back off face. I turned and said did you need to get buy me thinking he really wouldn't be attmpting this while Jim was in physical contact with me (Clearly Jim didn't think he'd attempt this either). He couldn't talk to me he was so plastered but when the manager asked him if he'd called for a ride about 10 minutes later (he was sitting behind me at a table -I didn't even know he was still there) he informed her that we were going home together. :) The manager who knows us asked if we knew him. When I said no she informed him that he wasn't going home with me or Jim for that matter and told him he'd have to come up with a way to get home. It was humorous and I'm farley certain that he didn't remember it this morning.

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Altered Artists said...

Next time I see ya I have a Pizzeria Bianco story for ya. We were treated so egregiously the hubs and I refuse to ever eat there. Glad to hear it was good for you.