Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Adventuring With Jim

Jim had read about a ride my dad had taken on his blog, realizing we had never been to or couldn't remember going to many of these AZ locations, he suggested we go on the drive too. I was all over the adventure.

We started by driving toward Payson we stopped at the casino there just long enough to use the restroom, get Jim a $1 chip and drop $20 in the slot machines.

Next, we drove through Pine and Strawberry and stopped for breakfast in Long Valley at The Long Valley Cafe. (If you weren't really watching for Long Valley you'd be sure to miss it!) The restauraunt had large windows that allowed you to look out into forest and all of the charm of a small town diner. (Jim and I were the only people not wearing flannel or camoflauge in the little restauraunt an it's the only place we know of that can't start making lunch untill all of the breakfast orders have been made. :) It also had the largest pancakes we had ever see and the best biscuts I have ever tasted. Yes, even better than Mike and Rhonda's

After breakfast we headed toward Flagstaff on Lake Mary Road. Lake Mary was totally deserted. Jim tried to show me how to skip rocks but we were having a hard time finding flat rocks and just went to tossing them into the water.

Once we got to Flagstaff we drove around NAU and went to the bookstore wher I got a pair of NAU flip flops. I love the flip flops and can't believe how big NAU has gotten!

We took 89a towards Sedona stopping at Slide Rock so Jim could see it for the first time!

We drove through Sedona and headed to Jerome. Jerome is super cool and could use a whole day to explore all of the arty shops but we just stopped to grab something to eat at the Mile High Grill. All I have to say is cream cheese filled hamburger and tots. It was amazing and super cute too!

After dinner we headed home very happy that we had taking this little road trip.


Arizona Harley Dude said...

It looks warmer and less windy then when I went. Jim's first trip to Slide Rock begs this question be asked, DID HE SLIDE?

Maija Lepore said...

OK, I have to do that road trip- it's the hamburger that really got me....