Saturday, October 25, 2008

Notes On Body Adornement

The fingernail art supplies I got at the fair are fun to play with. A little challenging yes, but fun non the less. A little more practice will help too but, like rub-ons I kinda like when the image does not transfer evenly. It's like I have graffiti on my fingernails. I will need to order a bottle of red polish though. Black and white is just not enough :)

I finally tried making Scrabble tile pendants and was happy with the results.

I also made more junk jewelry for Sara and Cindy :)

I've even started playing with earrings.

I'm off to Frenzy to get more supplies today and pick up my Halloween Inchies! Yay!


rosieposie said...

You should sell your junk jewelry on etsy!!!!!

miss sumbal said...

I love my scrabble necklace! Thanks for the HALLOWEEN surprise! :)