Thursday, October 23, 2008

Things That Are Cool

1. Deb and the SKULL PILLOW that she bought for me! Check out this beaded skull pillow that deb bought for me because she was sure I needed it! I love Deb!

2. The State Fair art results! I entered 12 of my students pieces in the State Fair this year and 7 of them placed! Three first, two seconds, one fourth, an one honorable mention. My kids rock! It was a little funny these two women who were old enough to be my grandmother were walking around talking smack about the art work that was entered like why is this one here? Who helped this kid? Etc. When they cam up to one of my first place pieces and said now this kids got a good teacher. I couldn't help my self and said, "Thanks, I'm that kids teacher" I then had to do a little further explaining but it was worth it. :)

First place winners

Second place winners

Second and Fourth place winners-In that order :)

Honorable mention

3. My new State Fair nail art products! It's like stamping with nail polish! I'll give you the finished results soon! I did try it myself at the fair so hopefully it will go smoothly!

4. My metal ATCs. I cut aluminium that I got on a roll at home depot for the backs of the cards. Added a photo I took in Chicago of a metal cover and added a metal clip and embellishment.

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