Saturday, October 18, 2008

This Weeks Adventure!


We celebrated Amber"s unbirthday! Like the Madhatter's tea part, some people must clebrate their unbirthday. Last year we started picking random day to celebrate Amber's unbirthday since we always for get her real birthday. Our waiter at Tandori Times 2 even wore her hat and brought her a silly little dessert. (Deb and I got her a Twilight Team Jacob shirt even though we prefer Edward.)


Parent Teacher Conferences a.k.a. Kelly Kilmer Charity Night :) Kelly donated some "scraps" to my kids and we made the most awesome snippits books like Kelly! I had 88 students and thier families in my studio in only two hours it was amazing!


Early release day and Ayesha and I finally talked Deb into her first pedicure ever! This was a major acomplishment!

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