Friday, January 23, 2009

Dad's New Sidecar

My dad came by last night to show us his new sidecar for his motorcycle. When I was little I rode all the way to California with him to pick up a sidecar so my sister and I could go along on family motorcycle rides. He said he thought I should be his first passenger. Yep, this picture is not just for show we really went on a ride.

Here are more journal pages from this week too!


sara crawford said...

You two are too cute!!

Look how this key necklace says discover. I think that is cool too. She has some cool stuff in her store.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Dad + Motorcycle=smiles
Dad + Motorcylce + Sidecar=cracks me up
Dad + Motorcycle + Daughter in Sidecar=priceless.


miss sumbal said...

I'm glad that your Dad is doing his part to be more eco-friendly with this side car! :)

Sandy said...

Love the photo of you and your Dad. The sidecar is great.

Your journal pages are wonderful. I'm loving Kelly's class. :D