Sunday, January 18, 2009

Today's Adventures In Art

Adventure one, making Valentine buttons. Too Cute and too much fun! I had to list them in my etsy shop!-----------> Go see.

Adventure two, X and O Scrabble tile rings. I know it's silly but I was having so much fun doing these I listed them in my etsy shop too!---------> Go see.

I fell in love with the X and couldn't take it off all day!

Adventure three, I finally made time to try some metal stamping. Can you say addictive! I want to stamp everything in site and need to find a local store to by the blanks I need from! First, I made a necklace for Val who wanted the word strength.

Then I stamped lucky into a few pennies. One went onto a ring since I was having so much fun with those this morning and one went into Jim's back pocket for the big game.

And I even stamped into slide tins just to see if I could do it.:)

Of course, I spent some time making jewelery today too! And craziest of all I watched 99% of the Cardinal's game and Jim wasn't even home. :) I had to be able to text intelligently and it really was a good game.


Kelly Kilmer said...

I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!

Jane Eileen said...

Jeane's mom said"
Cool stuff! Should I guess that I probably won't be getting my stamps back any time soon?

Val said...

I LOVE the bracelet!!!!!!!!!

rosieposie said...

Jeane! I sell blanks!!! Let me know what you need!