Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I love My Journal!

I am having so much fun doing Kelly's Prompt A Day class! It is actually a painting promt, a collage prompt, and a journaling prompt a day! I am using a journal that already has painted pages but I plan to use the painting prompt in another journal. :) These are my pages from the 4th untill today.

I'm obviously on a female focal image kick. :)

It's been a busy necklaces week! I sold four necklaces on etsy and another four at school. It's fun to know other people like your artwork enough to pay for it. :)


Stephanie said...

Love those Journal pages! Kelly is a great teacher. I am having fun with the prompts but I need to catch up with the photos etc.
Congrats on your sales with your etsy site!

miss sumbal said...
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trish said...

Just found your blog and I'm so glad-love your journal pages (and I REALLY love that bracelet you made in the other post!)
have a good weekend