Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Okay, this post really has nothing to do with Easter. Before I meet with Mom, Buff, and Baby Kakes to deal with things like Peeps, chocolate bunnies, and babies in rabbit ears (I'm just wishing for this one.) I wanted to post about yesterdays events.

I started off the morning by working in my newest round robin book. The topic was birds and I thought the owner preferred more unusual birds to your standard crows and pigeons. I chose to go with a peacocks. I Incorporated a few of my scraps from my clear book in to this project which always makes the art a little difficult to photograph. I can't get enough of the transparencies in my work lately.

The art start to the morning was important because Jim and I had both a funeral and a wedding to go to. Since both of the events were for Jim's friends from discover, Mar also joined us. The three of us voted and you should never have to go to a funeral and a wedding in the same day it should just be a rule.

Kelly Bell's funeral was first. As you walked in the family had made pins and magnets with pictures of her being wild and crazy and the display of her life was probably the best one I've ever seen. Her families strength was truly remarkable.

After taking Jim and Mar for a drink we were off to the wedding. The bride of this wedding was amazing! Literally nothing fazed her. While she probably never knew that the keg blew up, or that the bartender broke the corkscrew, and had no way to open other types of alcohol until a guest went to CVS to help out. She was not fazed when all of the lit candles had to be blown out due to the risk of fire damage, or when their was a risk of the kitchen being shut down. And most impressively when her asymmetrical cake actually toppled to the ground before the reception started she gave directions to get a picture of it and call for cupcakes. At least the guests had seen the cake and it was the most artistic wedding cake I had ever seen.

The bride's great attitude is probably what made this wedding so fun. She actually told us she was just worried that people would be disappointed that they didn't get any of the cake. The groom said he thought the cake was just an illusion but apparently he was wrong. The food at the wedding was great and in the end everything worked out. You can tell Jim was having fun! Just for the record I was the DD I just got caught with my eyes closed but this is still my favorite picture from the evening.

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