Monday, March 17, 2008

Roasted Peeps!

It has just come to my attention that some of my readers do not know the wonder of roasted Peeps. Explaining this now is ever so timely with Easter later this week. Peeps are the sugar coated marshmallow bunnies and chicks that once only appeared around this time of year. As luck may have it Peeps are now available nearly year round with new shapes for Halloween, Valentine's Day, and other holidays.

Now, you take one of these tasty treats put it on a wooden BBQ skewer and hold it over your kitchen stove burner (my preferred way of roasting), a cigarette lighter (yes, I've done this in college), or any non -toxic flame (if you roast over a citronella candle it will taste like citronella- take my work for it don't try it) and walla! You have a roasted Peep. ONLY TRY THIS WITH ADULT SUPERVISION! When the marshmallow starts to melt it can be tricky to keep it on the skewer. When tiny bits of sugar fall to the burner you will get very small sparks. Not only is it fun to roast these treats but the delicious caramelized sugar and melted marshmallow is a combination not to be missed.

My mom taught me the art of Peep roasting only my sister an I weren't supposed to tell my dad we had done it with my mom. It was our little secret. I have taught numerous people this art. We roast Peeps and several parties including my bachlorette party. We even coxed a few of the designated drivers to come in to roast before driving their wives home!

Grab some Peeps and try them out! If you wait to buy your Peeps until next Monday they will be half price! They always have half price Peeps.


Anonymous said...

Jeane's mom said:
Oh Yeah! This method of Peep eating is second only to breaking the packaging while in the checkout lane (to speed the process) and allowing them to harden to the very chewy stage approximately the consistency of taffy then consuming them. And to anyone reading the nutrition label on peeps, the serving size is merely a suggestion and not to be taken seriously. Who do these people think they are kidding? Really.
By the way, does Dad read this blog? If he does, the rest of this message is for him. We aren't gonna apologize for the secret peep roasting even though I have been told it is always easier to apologize than ask permission. It's just one of those things.
Jeane, xoheartp, MH

Maralena (AKA: mcdc3s) said...

Oh for the love of God!
I want one NOW.... and it's almost Midnight!
I can't wait to try this.
I see a new addiction coming on.

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Yep, I read this blog. Isn't it great we now have flat top ranges? Peeps must be why the burners kept burning out in the old days.

Jeane, you forgot to mention the joy in watching your favorite colored peep being microwaved.

Buff, how long before you allow Baby Kakes to participate in peep roasting?

Altered Artists said...

Hey Steph loaded a funny Peep picture you need to see.
Go to our blog at

Love it! I grew up around a campfire making smores and I have never roasted a peep. I think I need to try it!

Cathy said...

I have roasted them right over the burner in the kitchen! And - if you end up with a ceramic top range that doesn't roast so well - give the microwave a It's fun to watch them puff up and they sure are yummy!

Fleener said...

So I was like...that looks like Stephen. And at further glance, I wondered who the other guy was. Then I realized that it was MY husband! :) I don't really remember the roasting that night. It was a fun evening! Derek should feel honored that he made your blog!

feistyelizabeth said...

First things first - *I* am the one that introduced roasted Peeps - not Mom! Sorry to call you out Mamoo, but you always liked them stale. Bella, you better give credit where credit is due!

Secondly, Kakes is NOT getting a roasted Peep this year. I'm already trying to break her obsession with the baby cheeto. All I need is a kid who will only eat Peeps and cheetos. Aye yi yi.

Crystal said...

Mmmm...two of my friends and I discovered this way of eating peeps a few weeks ago. Except we used a handheld butane torch to toast them. It was perfect because I could move the torch around the peep to carmelize all parts of the sugar...even in between the bunny's ears!

Anonymous said...

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(I'd type the proper accent on the a if I knew how to do it in html etc.)
fun blog, thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

My mom taught me this as well, only we called it "Flaming Peeps". Growing up very poor on a farm in northern Indiana, we were accustomed to getting sweets only when they went on sale after the holiday. My mom would buy Peeps after Easter and stick them in the pantry. After several months, when they are good and stale (and more solid), we would roast over a wood fire.

I like the idea of going ahead and opening the package the hasten the "stale". I'll get my Flaming Peeps earlier this year!!!!