Wednesday, March 19, 2008

To-Do List

I heard about this book from Kelly Kilmer and being a list maker my self I had to check it out, well, I bought it from Amazon but whatever. Reading other people's list is like reading there diaries. It gives you a little glimpse into someone else's reality. The section on Ideal Mates made me think of my list that I wrote in my journal on May, 15, 1997 and inspired me to share it with you.

A) now that I brought it up you are dying to know what it says. & B) It shouldn't be embarrassing to Jim as he told me last night he doesn't actually read my blog because it has too many words but he reads all the comments. He suggested I add a cliff note version to each one or include sports scores. HA!

without further ado:
May, 15, 1997
"Blah, blah, blah,...That has made me want to make a list so I will never forget I want someone who...listens, understands and loves me for crying at movies and Hallmark commercials, really knows me, inspires me, supports me, a hero, uses the smooch pooch, challenges me to go outside of my comfort zone."

And because you may be wondering, I got lucky, and yes, Jim met all of the list items. Also the smooch pooch is the bend in your nose right between your eyes. It's the cutest kissing spot ever.

P.S. After college but before I met Jim I would always write "Fall in love" on my to do list so that I wouldn't forget I was something I eventually wanted to be able to cross off.


miss sumbal said...

I'm so glad you shared this list idea with me awhile back- I think I need to revamp it a bit and maybe I'll add it to my blog! Also, can I borrow this book still? :)

iHanna said...

thanks for sharing, you're a smart girl!