Sunday, March 2, 2008

Project Runway

If you visit my blog often you know that my weekends are usually filed with art making. This weekend I actually finished nothing. It could have been one of two things. First, I assembled 60 Kindergarten portfolios with colored pencil and rubber band bindings between the time I got to work and the time I left for the day along with all of my regular teaching (I'll put a photo on tomorrow). Or it could have been my new obsession with Project Runway. People have been telling me I would be hooked but I just didn't listen. I added this show to my TiVo list only last weekend. Luck for me they have had a Fashion Runway marathons because the season finale is on this week and I think I've seen the entire season this weekend! I know watching all of this creativity should have me inspired to work on my projects as well but it just motivated me to watch more TiVo. Spring Break will be her next week though and I'll have two whole weeks for projects-Yeah!

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Anonymous said...

Jeane's mom:
And this would be the reason why I am as you said, "doing fabric in a paper world." I loved my sewing machine and fabric before I ever owned a single art supply other than those First Grade crayons. Maybe you can make a little dress, a pair of pants, or something fashionable on one of your fabric ATCs this Saturday!


P.S. I obviously need a tutorial on the correct way to sign in to this comment thing.