Monday, April 28, 2008

A Really Good Mail Day

Today was a really good mail day! First, I got my mom's book in the round robin we are doing. Second ,I got the Walk Away The Pound DVD's I ordered from ebay. This is good and bad as it now gives me no reason not to exercise. This is my favorite exercises tape. I lent my first set to someone at Weight Watchers who left the group and never returned. I've been outing about it for a good two years now but it was time to replace them.

Third, I got my tape order from Japan with Love. OOOOH!

Finally, I got my earrings from Curly Girl Glass. I've been admiring these earrings for months and finally decided to get them. I am in serious trouble as they are way cooler in person than they were on etsy and they were amazing there. Now I am eyeing a few of these sellers funky rings. You should check her shop out!

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