Saturday, December 27, 2008

AAAAH! (Set To Angelic Music Not Frustration!) Part Two!

Behold the beauty that is my studio. Dramatic I know but that's how I feel about it. :)



Please notice not only the cleanliness but also the new storage bins and arrangement. (In all fairness Jim's half of the studio has a large pile of things for me to move to work on Monday but my half is spectacular none the less. :) I really didn't get rid of very many things it was just the reorganization that was amazing! I can't wait to get busy on a project now!


Kelly Kilmer said...

EXTREMELY impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE Love love the new studio!!!!

Um, want to help me clean my "studio" (aka living room)?


Buffy said...

We're ready and waiting for you to come over and do both girls' closets whenever you're ready. See you soon (please?)!!!

Jeane Frizzell said...

You girls know I love to organize and organizing other people's stuff is even more fun than organizing your own! I'd do it in a heartbeat.