Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas and Boxing Day

We had a fun Christmas. Jim and I started our day by driving out to Apache Junction to see Jim's mom sister and nephew and ended the day at Buffy's house with her family and my Mom.

Kakes loved her doll. Buffy saved it for her to open last because she thought she'd loose her focus if she opened it any earlier. As soon as she saw the side of the box she started saying, "Baby, baby", and then when she got all of the wrapping paper of she said, "Out mommy, out, out." It was adorable! I haven't mentioned it on my blog before but next year will be really fun because I will have two Nieces! I can't wait!

Today is Boxing Day. (You see it every year on the calendar but do you know what it is? I always wondered about it hen I was a kid) Deb is the first person I ever met who really celebrates Boxing Day-her parents are from England. Boxing Day is a day of Goodwill. She explained it like this, Christmas is for families but Boxing Day is for friends too. Everyone gathers together to celebrate for a second day. The reason it's called boxing day is because when the holiday began people would clean out their old belongings to make room for the new gifts they had received the day before. They would place these old belongings in boxes on their doorsteps and people who were less advantaged would come and take what they needed. I think the idea of this is fantastic! Ever since I met Deb I like to package up some of my old things and take them to a donation center as my own celebration of Boxing Day.

I'm still working on my studio it's getting really cool! If you don't have a studio you are probably wondering what's taking so long. If you do have a studio you can understand the process. :) I know it has to be done by next Wednesday at the latest so I can have my work space ready to go for the beginning of Kelly's Promp a Day!

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