Friday, December 12, 2008

Reasons To Shop At 100 Wishes

Have you ever visited 100 wishes? If your answer is no you should check it out. I waited forever to order from this site. I really wanted to buy Coccoina Glue sticks (Yummy smelling glue sticks that I learned about from Kelly) but was trying to use up all of my older glue sticks first. Well, when I finally ordered my lame o' post office marked my package as delivered and then didn't deliver it to me-ugh! Andrea the owner was super helpful and sent out a new shipment right away and it was all packaged so nicely! I was so happy to finally have my order safe and sound! I will definitely order again with such great customer service!

100 Wishes does close from time to time for holidays but visit the site and keep it in mind! :)

Tonight I made lots of necklaces to give as gifts. :) 'Tis the season!

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sara crawford said...

100 Wishes looks really cool. I saw some things that I think my mom would fancy. Thanks for sharing.