Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Hanukkah Val!

Background info in case you are not Val: I gave Val 8 little Hanukkah gifts this year that all go together. Her gift tonight is to come to my blog for directions on what to do with the things she has received so far plus a few treats. :)

Val: (If you are here and did not open your gift yet it's safe to open it now-surprise!:)

Use your tape runner (their are directions on the back just in case:) to attach the decorative papers to the brown covers and tag board pages. I've clipped the decorative papers that go together, together. When I cut the papers I was thinking they'd go like this:

Front and back cover:

The inside front cover and first page:

Other pages:

The last page and inside back cover:

But put them down however you'd like. You are covering the front and backs of the covers and each of the tag board pages. They help to make the book strong. :) Call if you want/need help.


I've been working hard in my studio and it is looking so cool! Stay posted for photos. I'm about half way through the reorganization! :) Happy Christmas Eve!


Kelly Kilmer said...

Happy Hanukkah, Val!!!!

Val said...

Thank you Jeane!!! I love my book!