Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Sara asked where I get my ideas from the other day and while I think it may have been a rhetorical question I'm going to answer it anyway. :)

Lookie, lookie! I get inspiration from art magazines like Sommerset Studio. They released all of these yummy eye candy filled magazines (plus more) this month. I picked these all up today at Frenzy and right after I finish this post I'm settling into the library and not coming out until bedtime. :)

I also get inspiration from shopping for supplies and seeing new products like these I picked up along with the magazines today at Frenzy.

And, I get inspiration from reading other art it's blogs and taking classes. If you've read my blog for longer than a day you know I love Kelly Kilmer's blog and classes! (She will be in AZ the first weekend of February! You should take a class with her!) You can check out my list of other blogs to investigate if you are dying for more. :)


Dawn said...

AAGGGHHH!!! I KNEW I should've gone there today for those mags! I was going to head up there, but I decided not to...I've been looking for those at every B&N and Borders around here...

sara crawford said...

It really wasn't a rhetorical question so thanks for answering :) I really wanted to know where the inspiration stems from, (besides that you are just brilliant).