Monday, July 6, 2009


Yesterday was apron day! I saw this idea for a cute little apron in This month's edition of Ready Made magazine. I took the idea and ran with it. I decided that my aprons should be lined in canvas because one layer of cotton is no match for the amount of water a second grade class can bring on.

My first apron was made from the most gorgeous pink and gray skull material. (Modeling these aprons is a bit obnoxious but you wouldn't be able to understand their greatness if I left them flat.)

To make the reverse interesting I embroidered a pink butterfly.

Next, I used (more) black skull material that I bought last summer when my mom and I were shopping in the fabric district in CA. It was going to become pajama pants but it never happened.

I used a scrap to make these three slim pockets on the reverse.

Finally, My mom found this cool fabric on a trip to SAS. I loved it so much she let me have it! (Remember this pocket.)

I found this great heavy weight outdoor fabric (feels like canvas) on the clearance table at Joann. Did you notice the significance of the pocket?

I had too much fun. I am starting to notice a pattern though-I can never make just one-HA! I need to thank Ayesha who took all of these photos for me. I couldn't imagine torturing Jim in that kind of way, and besides he had already been through three fashion shows by this point.

One last cute story from yesterday. Jim walked out when I as making the third apron and said, "What are you doing? How many aprons does one need?" in a cute, you are cracking me up kind of way. I said, "Wasn't this sewing machine a great investment!" Jim says, "Actualy I'm a little concerned with how much we are spending on fabric these days." I love this kid!


Jamie said...

Holy wow!!! Those are awesome, Jeane!!!! Love them all but I think the 1st is my fave!!! You are way too talented!!! ;)

jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
When you went and bought that little sewing box, I warned you. As they say, Moms are always right.

Kelly Kilmer said...

THOSE ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clearly, Jim has never worn an apron.

jessica en fuego said...

Cute! I have a cute pattern for a full apron if you need one! Justin can also relate to how much I spend on fabric!

Marissa said...

Fun! Love the skulls! Tell Jim you can never have too many aprons. Two of my favorites are fraying so back-ups are always needed, lol.