Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back To School

We got the word via email that we could go back to school this week to get our classrooms set up. I decided it would be a good idea to go get something accomplished so I don't feel stressed with my Art Unraveled classes next week. I got tons done in only 4 hours. After I go their I wished I had brought my camera to take before pictures.

I am lucky to have an enormous studio. Because it is covered in tile everything, and I mean everything, has to come up off the floor so that it can get waxed in the summer. They fill my kiln room with furniture, fold up my tables and stack them on the counters, etc. When my custodian saw me walking on to campus he immediately said, without me asking, I am running off campus can I come help you in 20 minutes? YEAH! I went and moved everything I could do on my own and then he showed up with the other custodian to put down the tables. They even put out my chairs for me. Oh and I should also mention that they put 500 pounds, yes literally, of clay on the storage shelves for me too!

I also received a sweet order of resources too! It was like Christmas! I loaded up all the books on Mexico and toted them home to start planning. :)

My art supplies have not been delivered yet, which is a good thing, because they take up lots of room and time to put them away. I am actually enjoying getting everything else done first. I am going to go back today for a short time because I already had lunch plans before I knew I could be working. :)

I did manage to make a cute little book using a Jenni Bowlin kit yesterday. I will show pictures after I bind it at school today (that's where the Zutter lives:). And this necklace. I was inspired to make this after seeing Mia Michaels necklace on So You Think You Can Dance last week. Did you notice the key on her necklace? I was in love so needed to make my own version.

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Marissa said...

Hear ye, hear ye! All hail custodians! Where would we be without the good ones. Sounds like you have good ones too!
I've been kicked out for a week for my floors to be done. Been in there but have been playing making books. Otherwise my room would be spotless, yeah, fat chance of that!
going to the Phx Art Museum today and heading to school tomorrow. Enjoy AU!